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Lap Dancing with Fawnia Mondey

We were lucky enough to get in toucn with Fawnia Mondey, founder of We thought that Fawnia's website and service had to be seen by all our regular and new visitors.

New: Fawnia's Q & A for Relationships...
An excerpt from Fawnia's web site.

You know he wants it, I mean he does visit the clubs more then he cares to let on, and most likely enjoys it more then he reveals. I'm not talking about your average night out to a club, but a heated visit to the hot showroom club.

Whether he even talks one on one with a dancer she is making some sweet moves on him, in his mind. Here's how to shake your partners world with a lap dance at home!

Making your selections

Let's start with what to wear. No matter what time of day it is, choose something that makes you feel sexy. Keep in mind that you'll want him to like it too. Try little hot pants, bikini, sheer robe, cut off shorts, or even his clothes. If you wear a suit to work, then maybe that would be perfect; he'd remember this dance each time you left for work.

Getting into the groove requires music that will guide you through your show. Nerves may be on high, so with the help of sweet tunes, the thought of 'what to do next will' be within the song you hear. A new CD created just for stripping is at Or you can play anything that makes your body groove on auto pilot. Having a glass of wine also helps; offer him a glass too.

For props, if you need them, you can use a blindfold at the start, and handcuffs or a simple tie, to keep him in place. If you decide to strip him down too, try using ice and running it along his body. Place a cube in your mouth, chill out and cool him off.

Performing a lap dance means enjoying your body with your partner. Get close anyway you like, let him hear your breath and moans, and create some good friction. Don't sand him down to paper though. Often the lightest of touches equals the greatest of urges. Take your time, and move anyway that feels right for you. When your partner sees you enjoying yourself in the "driver seat", he'll let you drive more often!

Not sure you know how to 'drive', check out Fawnia's exotic dance moves within her instructional exotic dance series. Available on both Video and DVD, both women and men are learning how to perform lap dances at home. There is also a video and DVD on Pole Work, plus Male Exotic Dancing. 
Visit and learn how to Lap Dance!

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