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Adult Website Reviews

We added this new section on the 21st August 2005. Its an exclusive section that we'll be filling in (little by little) with websites that we think shine out amongst the hundreds of thousands of websites on the Internet today.

Please check back here often to see what we've added, and where we've been visiting...

Tara's Naughty Shop... Visit the Website
If you knew Tara like we know Tara they you'd know that this shop is very naughty indeed - but nice. For the man or woman who has just about everything and desires just about anything. Well worth checking out for all manner of gift ideas, although not recommended for the in laws...

Read our full review of Tara's Naughty Shop...

Enlarge Penis Guide - Know The Facts Behind the Claims... Visit the Website
This site was submitted to us some time ago and we only just got round to checking it out. We were sceptical at first, as I'm sure you'll understand if you've had thousands upon thousands of emails giving you tips and advice on how to enhance your manhood. This website gives loads of information about the various devices and pills available if you think you need a little building up - down there!

Tuna Safe - Keeping it Safe and Fresh...Tuna Safe Website Review... The Tuna Safe Website
A nice concept and a very cute product package. A nice stocking filler too....

Read our full review of the Tuna Safe website...

Tara Tainton - Lover, Author, Experientialist...Tara Tainton's Website Review
Our first review. An extremely popular and well designed website. We think every one of our visitors should check our Tara's site. You'll never know what you were missing - and not just from the browsing experience....

Read our full review of Tara's site...

Fawnia Mondey's Exotic Dance Lessons... Fawnia Mondey's Exotic Dance Lessons Review
We've been fans of Fawnia for some time now. Her website is really easy on the eye - as is Fawnia herself! This site is all about exotic and erotic dancing, body toning and working out. Its an excellent take on an old theme. After all, there's no better way to work out that to be turning on the man you love at the same time...

Read our full review of Fawnia's site...

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